Fixed Asset Valuation,Asset Valuation Services,Fixed Asset Valuation IndiaFixed Asset Valuation,Asset Valuation Services,Fixed Asset Valuation India

Fixed Assets ValuationAssets valuation is a Valuation of PPE (property, plant, and equipment), or tangible assets, these are purchased for continued and long-term use in earning profit in a business.

Fixed assets valuation include land, buildings, plant & machinery, furniture, tools etc.

They are written off against profits over their anticipated life by charging depreciation (with exception of land). Accumulated depreciation is shown in the face of the balance sheet or in the notes.

These are also called capital assets in management accounting.

According to Reserve bank of India - different banks follow different policies for valuation of properties and appointment of valuers for the purpose. The issue of correct and realistic valuation of fixed assets owned by banks and that are accepted by them as collateral for a sizable portion of their advances portfolio assumes significance in view of its implications for correct measurement of capital adequacy position of banks.

In this context, there is a need for putting in place a system/procedure for realistic fixed assets valuation and also for empanelment of valuers for the purpose.

We undertake fixed assets valuation of Companies Viz., Land, Building, Plant and Machinery Assets. For valuation Assignment we are on panel with Deutsche Bank. We are listed in the IDBI Directory of consultants. We are on Panel with Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India.
Certificates of Chartered Engineer

chartered engineering servicesIn many countries, professional engineers are called chartered engineer. The details of registration vary from country to country. In The Republic of India, a chartered engineer is a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers (India).

Chartered Engineer are usually degree-qualified and have spent at least five years in professional practice.

We provide the chartered engineering services in new projects like valuation of plant & machinery, Energy Audit etc..

As a qualified Professionals and Independent chartered engineers, we have specialised in the field of issuing certificates as required by companies in the Export - Import and License work.

Some of the applications include certification of advance license Application, EPCG Licence Application, Duty Drawback Statements, Consumption Certificates, Utilisation Certificates, Wastage Certificates, Manufacturing Process Certificates, Certificates required by Customs, Banks and Financial Institutions.

Consultancy and Technical Report

Consultancy and Technical ReportThe Technical Report is a common written report from us, which communicate our findings for a given project. Each Technical Report should have a focused topic that is developed logically along some clearly identified perspective.

The major components of a Technical Report are title, author information, informative abstract, body, acknowledgments, references, keywords, and appendices. Typically, the body is organized into four sections: motivation, methods, results, and discussion. This document offers advice and specifications for projects.

M. Choudhary & Associates is the service provider of Consultancy and Technical Report for future development work of a Project. This service includes project reports, viability reports etc.

We have done various studies like Viability Study Report, Depreciation Study Report and Techno-economical Study Report etc.

While making a technical report we consider different parameters like Construction Policies, Government Policies and Support, Financial Structure, Infrastructure Management, Time Management, Manpower Management and all other related parametric quantity.

Insurance Valuation

Insurance Valuation ServiceOur Insurance Valuation Service helps companies accurately determine the appropriate level of coverage to ensure financial stability, should the unexpected occur.

We have the necessary expertise in property and plant valuations to provide accurate and timely valuation and business interruption calculations.

We use the right methodologies to determine the amount of property and business interruption coverage for your organization.

Risk in old plants is higher so they require insurance valuation .